+ + your mindset is magic + +

Tarot can change your mind from:
frustration to the freedom to choose
victimization to empowered action
limitation to possibility.


Empowering Tarot Readings 


A collaborative conversation for reflection, clarification,  and action aligned with your values. 

Workshops + Education


Workshops offered on tarot, psychoeducation, mindset + goalsetting, and holistic mental well-being. 

Clarity Coaching


For entrepreneurs + creatives who desire realignment into heart-centered flow 


The symbols of the Tarot give a framework through which to reflect on the seeker's thoughts and feelings + to clarify where they can re-author their narrative to one of choice, empowerment and inspiration. 
My approach is collaborative and compassionate; we work together to find alignment with your Truth.
Reflection is a radical act.