My approach + what to expect in a reading

Tarot reflects the inner experience; the cards can draw out one's narratives, attitudes, thoughts + beliefs, and emotions of a particular situation. If there is conflict or confusion, it begins within; tarot is a mirror to see all of the psychological and emotional threads entangled around a situation. In a tarot reading we sort, edit and organize these threads; we weave them back together in a beautiful way that allows for the fullness of your complexity.

My role as a reader is to hold this mirror for you. You tell me which way to move it; you decide how much or how little to reveal of what you see in it.

I am an empathic sounding board, a collaborator, an intuitive counselor; I am an outside, neutral perspective with unconditional positive regard for you. I do not want to give advice, instead I desire to draw out what you know is true for you.

You decide what to take with you, what resonates; you decide what to leave behind, what does not apply.

I cannot tell the future; even if I could, I would not reveal it, because the future is changeable; nothing about our future is predetermined; nothing about our future is static. The future is inextricably linked to our thoughts and actions of the present moment.

 I help you decide what you want to feel in your future and we brainstorm possible avenues of how to presently align with it. This is the beginning of what Carl Jung calls "integration." You choose how to continue; you choose how to enact your integration.


About my healing journey



Masters of Counseling,
St. Edwards University [in progress]

Community Herbalist Certification,
Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine, 2015

Bereavement Group Facilitator,
Hospice Austin, 2105

Hospice Client Advocate,
40-hour Volunteer Training, Hospice Austin, 2013

200-Hour Integrative Yoga Therapy,  
Sundara Yoga, 2012

Bachelors of Science in Psychology, 
Belhaven University, 2007

My union with Tarot is the culmination of 12 years of healing. A crisis of faith, a fallout with organized religion, and a subsequent divorce led me to self-medication with alcohol and sex, to a depth of loneliness and self-hate that I was in every way unequipped to handle alone. I wanted to disappear and I embodied that: at 25, I weighed less than what I weighed at high school graduation; I was undernourished and underfed. Most of my calories came from alcohol or coffee. When I did eat, I could not stop. 

My struggles led me to a therapist; she gave my problem a name: depression. She suggested medication. I decided to try a few other things first. I started yoga, which took me out of the red zone of utter meaninglessness. Yoga is the gateway drug. One day you decide to stretch a little, then all of a sudden you are experimenting with psychedelics, meditation, breathwork...a few years later you find yourself chanting on a rock with a bunch of witches. 

After becoming certified in Integrative Yoga Therapy, my on-again/off-again affair with psychology became deeply serious; I started a Masters in Counseling (still in progress after all these years ;) ). I earned a certification in community herbalism and began to become more interested in astrology and Western traditional healing. Around the same time, my creative practice with fiber arts was deepening. My favorite subjects were always esoteric symbolism and religious iconography; they are still! Tarot was at the intersection of all these interests. 

I am still in the process of individuation i.e. becoming my truest, highest Self. I will be until the day I transition out of this body. This path is my life's work and I am deeply in love with the process. I am not always happy and light (nor do I want to be, I value contrast!) and I must maintain vigilance to my own depression and anxiety but I have meaning, because I created it and claimed it for myself.

My hope is to inspire and assist others on their own paths of healing, integration, and meaning. I believe this is the most effective way to change the world. The personal act of healing is a radical political act that effects the collective. If we become cognizant of our interactions with materialism, harsh dualities and judgment, oppression and privilege, and we are able to acknowledge and love our own darkness as a part of ourselves, we become whole. Wholeness is power.  

"If you imagine someone who is brave enough to withdraw all his projections, then you get an individual who is conscious of a pretty thick shadow. Such a man has saddled himself with new problems and conflicts. He has become a serious problem to himself, as he is now unable to say that they do this or that, they are wrong, and they must be fought against...such a man knows that whatever is wrong in the world is in himself, and if he only learns to deal with his own shadow he has done something real for the world. He has succeeded in shouldering at least an infinitesimal part of the gigantic, unsolved social problems of our day." 

--Carl G. Jung 

May we shoulder our part.