I use a combination of my training in Western vitalist herbalism, Integrative Yoga Therapy, humanistic psychotherapy plus my experience building this business to help psychospiritual practitioners reclaim their power and discover their purpose.

I went from floundering and depressed to purposeful and motivated, from not knowing how to channel my desire to getting clear and creating my own career path and growth trajectory based on my values, experience and education.

  • Identified and addressed my blocks around visibility and was featured on podcasts like Dream, Freedom, Beauty.

  • Created multiple in-person workshops and online courses including: Empowering Tarot 101, Amphora: Holding Space for Others, East + West : An Exploration of Tarot + Yoga.

  • Attract and work with engaged and growth-oriented clients who themselves are visionary creators

  • Found my voice and now get paid to write on projects by other creators like Sarah Gottesdiener (@gottesss) and to consult for projects like Mesquite Tarot (@mesquitetarot).

  • Facilitated multiple groups including Hospice grief groups, Tarot groups and creative exploration groups

  • Taught yoga, breathwork + grounding techniques to young women with anxiety in one-on-one and in groups

All photography by Alexandra Kacha.