Biz Witch

In two and a half years, I went from no website, no email list, no clients and fewer than 700 IG followers to building my online audience (1K email list, 10K on Insta, premium-paying clients and dozens of classes and workshops) with sustained effort, a lot of discomfort, and trial and error.

My goal is to help you avoid the false starts I went through by offering a structure for growth and a community for shared wisdom, learning, and accountability. I created Biz Witch for a past self, who needed this program to save me time, money and frustration and to help me overcome my self-doubt and mindset issues when I first started La Mystica.

“Gracious and expansive. The kindest kick in the ass you'll ever receive.”
— Davis,

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Biz Witch is an 8-week live, small-group coaching program to build your online, service-based business from the ground up. This course is for you if:

  • you are wanting to grow your practice into a sustainable business, especially online

  • you know you have something very powerful to offer but don’t know how to describe your offerings

  • you are not sure how to find clients outside of your current circle

  • you feel nervous, anxious or resistant to starting and need some accountability, clarity and support

  • you desire a community of like-minded witches who want to encourage, grow next to, and collaborate with you

  • you are willing to invest time, money and sustained focus to grow with more flow, sustainability and ease

  • you desire some guidance from a heart-centered, clear, and client-empowered perspective

  • you are ready to start now

In 8 weeks, you will learn where your strengths, passions and knowledge intersect with the needs of your ideal, engaged clients. You will need more than 8 weeks to grow, but this course gives a springboard to start with confidence and a clear direction. You will have the tools and know-how to grow a practice based on your knowledge, experience and passion.

This offering requires 3 hours of weekly work plus class time and is by application only.

Investment is $597 paid in full.
Or payment plan: $125 for 5 months.

Class begins April 9. Live classes are held Tuesdays at 7 pm CST.

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Practical structures for your mystical practice

We will cover:

  • how to clarify your best clients, your offerings and your pricing

  • creation of and building your website, email list and lead generation

  • creating content, copy and strategy based on what you are already skilled at

  • how to move through blocks around visibility, money and business

  • creation of a network of supportive colleagues and friends

    Topics: websites, email lists, content creation, offerings, positioning, pricing + money mindset, visibility, social media and more.


Taught by client-centered psychospiritual pracitioner

This practical knowledge is presented through the lens of a working witch who values:

  • holistic well-being (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, creative, environmental and financial health) through ritual, self-care, and magic

  • your unique gifts, perspectives and strengths,

  • a life design that includes activism and accessibility without martyrdom, imbalance, or judgment,

  • intersectional and inclusive ethics and

  • personal transformation through the symbolic vessel of building a business.


About Elise

  • I use my training in Western vitalist herbalism, Integrative Yoga Therapy, and humanistic psychotherapy to help other psychospiritual practitioners reclaim their power

  • Identified and addressed my blocks around visibility and was featured on podcasts like Dream, Freedom, Beauty and Living Open.

  • Found my voice and now get paid to write on projects by other creators like the 2019 Lunar Planner by Sarah Gottesdiener (@gottesss) and Lindsey Mack’s 2019 Tarot for the Wild Soul Course (@wildsoulhealing).

  • I went from floundering + depressed to purposeful + motivated; from not knowing how to channel my desire to help others into creating my own career path and growth trajectory based on my values and education.

About Elise’s teaching style: 

“Warm and nurturing, honest and provocative in terms of making you think and goading you out of complacency and laziness!”

— Nicole,

“Encouraging and grounded! She really puts herself into her work as facilitator. You can tell she wants to provided the best environment and information possible for her students. And she truly strikes a magical balance between challenging, healing and informative styles of instruction.”

— Katie, @yearning_express

“Present and in the moment…She is very positive but can be quite King of Swords when she needs to be.” 

— Christy,