0 : The Fool

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Openness to Experience, Vibrant Energy, Total Possibility, Naivety, A New Journey, Delight in Seeking, Flow of Synchronicity commonly referred to as Beginner's "Luck", Releasing Control, Embracing the Unknown, Potent Potential Energy

Maybe you've experienced this: while traveling, you find yourself near a shimmering body of water with people who will become lifelong [facebook] friends, dancing and laughing, admiring the native plants; a full moon rises to crown the experience with transcendent silvery light. Through joyful (MDMA-induced?) tears you wonder, "How did this happen? I am so lucky to live this life!"* 

One cannot plan that experience; the universe simply bestows it upon you. You trust. The Fool trusts because everything about this journey is currently unknown: the highs and the lows cannot yet be seen or imagined.

Your openness and lack of cynicism allows you to easily flow into synchronicity and discover new knowledge about yourself and about your cosmic path. No need to feel rushed, no need to accomplish, because no itinerary exists for this journey. Admire the flowers and bask in the gratitude that seems to come effortlessly.

If you often play the role of taking charge, The Fool may be asking you to stand down and allow someone else to take up responsibility. Sometimes "playing the Fool," i.e. releasing expectations and control, can be beneficial to another person's growth. It may give you (and your ego) a much needed break while allowing someone else to build their confidence and skills. Do not be agitated by your lack of influence; instead, find joy in the little things you once took for granted. 

You are beginning a journey; you do not have to know HOW it will work out, only that it WILL. You do not have to account for every possible outcome (that mindset can limit flow before it starts) but keep your wits about you, stay tapped in to your intuition, and notice the beauty of your novel situation. One foot in front of the other. Have no fear, you are safe. 

The shadow of the Fool is foolishness: the purposeful ignorance of common sense or an active disinterest in your own precariousness. Stay present. Be mindful of the ledge. Bring a jacket. Dance while on drugs, don't dive into unknown water while on drugs. 

The Fool's energy is a blessing to seekers of any kind: artists, travelers, psychonauts, philosophers, eternal students.

Go forth, young pup, expand your consciousness! Blaze a rainbow trail! The Universe smiles upon you! Stay open and stay alert. Be carefree not careless. 

*If you have yet to experience this, get yourself on a trip! Put yourself in a position to be the Fool, to be out of your comfort zone and in the unknown. 

Journal answers to any of these reflections questions that resonate with you:
What are you excited about right now? Where is your potential energy?
Are you aware of the new journey you are on?
Is there a situation that you need to see with fresh eyes?
Is there a situation from which you need to step back and "play the Fool?" Is it time to let someone else take charge? 
Are you open to your own possibility?
How do you want to expand?
Do you feel excited, vulnerable, both?
How do you hear from your intuition?
What do you hear from your intuition?