Spring Equinox Spread to Support Your Possibly Awkward Growth


We had a new moon in Pisces on March 17 and the Spring Equinox beckons on the 21st. This is a potent time to set intentions and witness our own growth. 

Us spiritual folks loooove to talk about growth. Everything is an opportunity for growth, I hear murmured over and over again from self-assured yogis with their hands clasped in front of their flat stomachs.

Uh-huh, of course, I nod, but am I the only one feeling this damn uncomfortable?  

The axiom that everything is an opportunity for growth is absolutely true, but sometimes its flippant delivery is like one of those nice tea bags with a fortune on the tag. It's nice and now it's going in my compost because a happily chirped maxim cannot contain the realness of my feelings right now.  

Growth: augmentation, sprouting, stretching, heightening,
evolution, enlargement, extension, expansion, expression...

I hope you rested this winter because that. shit. takes. energy...and surrender.

Growth can be a beautiful blossoming, but prior to the sweet release of flowering, our movement may be frustrating, awkward, unwieldy. In the process of becoming something new, we must be willing to look inexperienced, to look like a fool, to experiment, to push out on our own container with sustained effort.

In my experience, the longer or more potent the discomfort, the more profound the effect. 
Enter magic.
Transformation inevitably calls to the depths of our desire.

We purposefully change because we consciously desire to do so
the great unknown creates a circumstance in which we seemingly have no choice but to change; 
though momentarily unconscious of it, the soul desires--and answers to--its true nature.

See it through, babe. You are almost there.

Find a moment to reflect.
Here is a 3-card spread as you set intentions for this new season:

I like to pull one card at a time, reflecting on the question and the card
before moving to the next one. 

Card 1: What do I need to release?
When you identify the energy that needs release, thank the energy for its time and for its lessons. There is no wrongness, no shame, no blame.
Thank yourself for the willingness to shed skin. 

Card 2: What am I healing in this moment?
I am healing my relationship with...
What does your healed relationship look like?
What are you like on the other side of this transformation?
How do you feel, act, and think in your new embodiment? 

Card 3: What do I need to call in?
You are powerful beyond what you imagine and any aid you need will surely arrive at the right time. If this card seems puzzling, let it simmer and remain curious. It will surely become clear as life unfolds.

Temper your discomfort with extra care:
season changes are the most important times to
eat well, sleep well, breathe well and tune into the body.
Connect with your BFFs who support your spiritual growth.

Create a container for yourself in which to honor your own sea changes,
even if that means saying no to screens, to social engagements, to demanding schedules. 

What you are stretching towards, you already are it.
Happy flowering.  

Elise Entzenberger