Seven of Swords + Ace of Cups + Three of Cups

Last night's full moon sets the tone to reset. The Seven of Swords asks you to get honest about your work. The work. The work that moves you, the work that the world desperately needs. Maybe this work is your book, a gardening method, a workshop, nursing, or an app. This work is bubbling in you, effervescent with potent experience and insight. Why do you sneak off from your tribe with your sharpest ideas? Are you purposefully obscuring your shine

The Seven of Swords suggests a fear about showing your creations. It is much easier to stay cloaked, to never share yourself, and thereby never be subject to criticism or feedback. Your ideas can stay safe in its baby form, tucked safely under your arm as you sneak off to comfort.

But let’s get real: do you want
your work,
your ideas,
your thoughts to grow?
It needs the light of day as much as your people need your insight.

The Ace of Cups brings a spiritual reset to this struggle. The feeling after a good, long cry. Exhaustion. Bleariness. Sweet release.

Let it flow.
Trust the process. 

The struggle is over and attachments to the pain finally drop away. The Ace of Cups ushers in a wave of peace that naturally follows catharsis. It’s like a dirty cup held under a waterfall. The strength of the water’s movement clears anything stuck inside; let this Piscean dream season wash away your fears of being seen. 

Your hand holds the Ace of Cups. What will do with your newly cleared spirit space? Your cup is blank and you can consciously create what fills it; use your refreshment to garner yourself for more beautiful lessons to come in the realm of your hidden work.

The Three of Cups is a celebration of your newfound emotional clarity as we move into the fire of Aries and the joyous expansion of Spring.

Surround yourself with the sisters and brothers
who allow you to change and grow,
who honor your spiritual autonomy,
who know you beyond your internet persona.

Call in the trusted friends who encourage you
and celebrate with you,
who can keep you in check when your fear runs wild,
who call you back to your Truth.

As you explore the depths of your process, remember that your spiritual/creative/emotional growth does not have to look a certain way; it does not have to be perfectly cohesive, nor perfectly presentable, nor perfectly conformed with any particular political correctness du jour. Birthing something new is messy.

Your truth exists beyond your identifiers.
Like a waterfall in a cup, your power cannot be contained.

xoxo, Elise

Elise Entzenberger