FEB 19: Full Supermoon Ritual from the Many Moons Lunar Planner

This entry is from Sarah Gottesdiener’s Many Moon’s 2019 Lunar Planner, which I was so honored to be a part of.

This full moon in Virgo, sometimes called the Storm Moon or Hunger Moon, comes during the last watery breaths of winter dark. Virgo is symbolized by the Vestal Virgin, a Roman woman chosen to live 30 years in virginal service to the goddess Vesta. These women were the keepers of the collective hearth, literally attending to the altar fire that supplied fire to homes throughout Rome. Though Vestals’ privileges rode on the upholding of their purity, the word “virgin” was not originally bogged down as it still is now, in the morality of sexual chastity; rather, virgin meant “an unmarried woman,” or a woman who does not belong to a man, but only and wholly to herself. Virgo calls us back into our full sovereignty.

In the Tarot, Virgo rules the Hermit, a lone person who also carries an inner fire in the form of a lantern. The archetype of the Hermit is someone so deeply committed to the clarity of their own solitary path they may live on the outskirts of society to avoid human contact. While the shadow expression of the Hermit is a sourly self-righteous misanthrope, the balanced expression is a preservationist of the old ways, of plant languages, mycelium secrets, and astral practices. The Hermit, like the Vestal Virgin, is the mystic who tends our connection to the Divine laws of Nature. Nature in turn reveals itself in the Hermit’s unbound expression. The Hermit takes on this earthly practice for the love of the collective.

Tending and growing our wise fire is a solitary task.

When one spends time in purposeful solitude, loneliness becomes a distant memory. Like every relationship, comfort and depth with ourselves grows with regularity and time. Intimacy with our Self amplifies as we devote time to our own wilderness, experiencing and expressing feelings, honoring our bodies as they move through emotional and physical sensations, speaking kindness to the rough, weatherworn parts, holding and beholding ourselves with compassionate acceptance, recognizing our river’s patterns.

Ironically, the byproduct of deeper intimacy with our lone self is a deeper, more compassionate intimacy with those around us.

Truth speaks gently, a flickering whisper in the dark, easily drowned out by the noise of the world, the chattering of one’s own ego, the opinions of loved ones, the nebulous confusion of our emotional bodies on the tired ride of endless scrolling. I notice when my extroversion becomes imbalanced because the voice in my head sounds like a status update; I am no longer present because I am composing my experience to be a presentation to others.

When we anticipate the perception of others, whether digitally or analog, our own perception of the moment changes to attend to our persona. Am I acceptable? Do I come off as what the other perceives as lovable, intelligent, or whatever adjective I strive to be? Am I on-brand? To practice hearing clearly, we need blank space. This is where virginal purity applies, as in a virgin forest, unsullied by outer manipulation. In a forest, there is no context for fussing over artifices of uniformity. The beauty of the forest is equal to its wild ferocity.

What space do we make that is only for the Self, not to be described to friends, not to be shared on Instagram, only to be experienced, held, and loved for its ephemeral singularity? These private experiences are the wellspring of peace; in the quiet, we observe the inherent wisdom of our essential Self, the embodied Divine.

We are not manicured lawns on a color-coded grid of comparison and double taps; we are majestic mountain ravines and our depths--too savage and ineffable to be conquered--glimmer with untold dimensions of precious gems, belonging to no one but ourselves.

+   + +


Clear your physical space. Light a candle.
Draw a Tarot card for each of the following journaling prompts or answer them without cards, whatever is your practice.

Place the Hermit card as the significator.

What can I shed that drowns out my inner wisdom?

What can I call in that allows me to better tend to my inner fire?

During this moon cycle, what qualities can I embody to be aligned with my sovereignty?

What is an inner resource I have overlooked or that has remained hidden to me?

Use your answers and card interpretations to craft an affirmation to use until the new moon.

Elise Entzenberger