Notes, spread + spell for the Lunar Eclipse

This full moon in Capricorn and lunar eclipse evokes our deep inner power. Capricorn earns a bad rap under the spell of unbridled materialism; unchecked Capricornian energy can look like the Wolf of Wall Street: capriciously ambitious, domineering, egomaniacal, irresponsible and hedonistic. 

However, if the mighty will of Capricorn is in tandem with a deep sense of one’s own Divinity, the persistent upward movement looks a lot more like an astounding capability to serve the collective. Capricorn Martin Luther King, Jr. climbed to the highest heights of his capacity. In his ascent, he described to the people a new vision of how to embody (r)evolution.  


In the Tarot, Capricorn is represented by the Devil card: a winged Pan-like demon perches on a pedestal to which two people are loosely chained, an exact underworld mirror of the Lovers card. (Is this...the upside down?)

Isn’t hell a state of powerlessness by our own hands? Adam and Eve stand trance-like, forgetting they can remove their chains. The Devil, a Saturnian energy, is about to whom or what we blindly give our authority. 

Authority is defined as “the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience.” 

Authority implies a hierarchical structure from outside the self.

So what comes from within? Authorship.

Not surprisingly, the words authority and author are borne of the same root, giving credence to the idea that those who do not purposefully author their own lives will live by default, relinquishing their power to a nebulous, outer force. 

Our chains of disempowerment are kept intact by a society that upholds flaccid narratives about our power and where it lies. 

The story is we’re fucked. Advertisers, fear-mongering figureheads, and disaster-porn media convince us of inevitable doom. They beat us at our own craft, using story, symbol and archetype to subtly establish their officialdom in our psyches; they say everything is burning and you are powerlessly trapped in the ring of fire. 

A ring of fire is exactly the initiatory medicine by which a witch rises.

Astrologer Caroline Casey calls Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, “the ring-pass-not.” She writes, “this moniker refers to the scary initiatory ordeal each of us must undergo in which we encounter all that holds us back or keeps us fearfully obedient to a life of oppressive limitation.”

Snapping default spells of comparison and scarcity requires we face our fears of rejection and walk through the fires of our truth. We do not have to play by the rules of the oppressors. Don’t believe the lie of doom. Our dreams are as multifaceted as the inside of a pomegranate: eat the luminous seeds, let the juices drip down your neck. You are powerful. 

We are the wild goats, feral and libidinous, ambitious to see and feel for ourselves, fearless in our sensual connection to earth, to our bodies, to the bittersweet blessings of incarnation: dirt, blood, sweat, rotting things, fruit and leaves, tears, shit, mycelium and orgasm and sweet-smelling babies on our skin.

Dance naked and ecstatically, witches, embody what civilization calls “uncivilized.”
Believe your dreams. 

Say no to “authorities” that tell us lies about our powerlessness. Turn off your screens and turn on your Inner Author, the voice of Spirit Embodied, who wields the power of presence, gratitude, and agency, who dares to know themselves well, who understands there is nothing on this wild Earth to fear, for we are part of her, neither over nor against her. Our Inner Author calls us to the climb, to behold the awe of life itself and live accordingly.

A tarot spread + a spell (make it yours): 

Supplies: tarot cards, a black candle, paper and pen, an empty bowl and a bowl of water.

Light your candle. Open your circle with gratitude. Call in your guides. 

A spread:

Place the Devil card in the middle, as the significator. 

To the left, where do I give my power away? 

To the right, what energy can I author as mine and begin to embody?

Above, what is the juicy fruit of claiming and embodying my power?

Below, what is the root cause of unconscious denial of my power?

When saying the spell, you don’t have to use the name of the card, but rather the subject or energy in your experience that the card evokes upon reflection. 

Write the subjects of the left card and below card on your paper. 

I reclaim my power to subvert oppressive power structures and author a new way of being.

I remove the chains of the (subject the left card evokes).  

and I turn toward the embodiment of the (subject the right card evokes)

I look below and uproot the (subject of the below card) 

and claim the fruits of (subject of the above card). 

So it is. 

If it is safe, burn your paper over a bowl. Gather the cooled ashes in your hands; blow them out in front of you. Step through and over them. Offer your gratitude to the moon. Wash your hands in your bowl of water. Sprinkle yourself with your wet hands.

Close your circle.  

Elise Entzenberger