About Elise

My story is one of transformation:

I went from depressed, meaningless and frustratingly broke to creating a business that supports my mental and spiritual health and allows me to work with people who are truly inspiring and visionary. I’m stoked!

I addressed my blocks around money, visibility, and self-worth and was featured on podcasts like Dream, Freedom, Beauty and Living Open.

I’ve written for astrology.com, Sarah Gottesdiener’s 2019 Lunar Planner and Lindsay Mack’s 2019 Tarot for the Wild Soul Course.

I’ve taught dozens of online and in-person workshops and courses and I’m trained in Humanistic Psychotherapy, Western Vitalist Herbalism, and Trauma-Informed Integrative Yoga Therapy.

Most importantly, I’ve deepened my relationship to Spirit, to myself, and to my loved ones, through the inner work my business required.