Work with me

Starting your own business takes time and sustained effort.
My goal is to save you time and money, frustration and false starts by providing:
a structure for growth,
clarity through incisive reflection,
encouragement when things get confusing
and practical back-end guidance.

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One-on-One Coaching

12-week intensive deep dive. We begin with an extensive intake process and build your business from the ground up, leaning into your intuition and compassionately moving through blocks. For those ready to go all-in, distraction-free. Please note: this offering requires a commitment of 10 hours of work per week.

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Group Business Coaching

Biz Witch is an 8-week live small group coaching for those who are ready to create their unique offerings and begin their practice. We focus on creating your brand and copy to speak to the people you desire to serve. Receive support and accountability and spark collaboration through the tight-knit community that forms.

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Group Tarot Mentorship

The Reader’s Journey is for the reader who has a regular personal practice but wants to learn to read for others. This small group focuses on holding space, energetic boundaries, and creating a Tarot session grounded in a client-centered and empowering approach. Please note: you will practice reading for others during this course.